Photo Journal



“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn

I love this quote. I love it especially when I look at everyone around me, everyone I choose to keep in my close circle, and they are all amazing human beings. Let me talk about one of them. Her name is SarahRose and she is a GODDESS! I met this wonderful girl sixishhhh years ago when I walked into her Barre3 class and said she was the best teacher I have ever taken. I went to her Barre classes often and always felt amazing after. Fast forward maybe a few more years and I found out that she was dating a mutual friend and so then I got to see her and continue to tell her how amazing her classes were.

Since then, I started working with Salomon and eventually she started coming to our hikes, then run club, and now I consider her one of my close friends. She has a way of making everyone feel included and makes me want to be a better person based on the kindness she shows others.

She also has this company called Daybreaker. It’s an early morning yoga+sober dance party and she just kills it. She makes her own outfits and brings together such an amazing community. A month or so ago she asked me to teach at one and of course I had to say yes! For a few days before the event I was super nervous to teach but once I got there, all that nervous energy floated away and it was an amazing class to teach. The people that show up to these classes are ready to flow and ready to dance. They even dress up to the theme of the month.

A ton of our Salomon Run Club ladies showed up along with some Get Zen Hot Yoga friends and it was a big party.


I think it’s really cool to see people doing great things. Anything that brings a community together is my favorite. I also believe that when you surround yourself with people that just want to lift each other up, there are no limits to the dreams you can accomplish. So if you’re interested in an event in the future, click here. You won’t regret it. No matter what age we are, we have to remember to keep a young heart and always push yourself to have more fun…no matter what you do. Put your whole heart out there and see how so much is possible.