There are a few companies that are a huge part of my life. Here are some of the companies that I am powered by:



I am currently an ambassador for Salomon and have loved their products since forever. My favorite vest to run in is the S/Lab Sense 8 Set and my favorite shoes are the S/Lab Ultra 2. I love the strong community and support Salomon has created and can’t wait to see where this venture takes me.


Ultima Replenisher

I have been taking Ultima Replenisher electrolytes daily for the last 6 years. I feel so energized when I have this specific brand and it also doesn’t taste like straight salt. My favorite flavor is grape, but it tastes more like a mixed berries flavor so don’t be scared if grape isn’t your jam. It’s important being a yoga teacher and student constantly in a hot room to get my electrolytes and this has been my lifesaver.


Choose Mountains

I’m only adding Choose Mountains in to the mix of partners because it is my company and needed to put it somewhere. When I was at the biggest turning point of my entire life, I created Choose Mountains. It was exactly a month after I got out of jail. This company was something that I started because I have such a great passion and love for the outdoors and needed to create a community for people who enjoy the same things. Eventually, Choose Mountains turned into a huge community with meetups, an online network, and now its morphed into a place where I can host my yoga+adventure retreats!