emily stromme

“Tiare focuses each of her yoga classes around a wonderful Vinyasa flow that differs each time she teaches; I've been taking classes from her for several years and I'm still happily surprised by the variety! She consistently designs each class to fit people at all different skill levels (or injuries), offering several options simultaneously for her students either to modify moves or to intensify them. Tiare is especially unique in that she strongly encourages a sense of community during each practice, while reminding us that yoga is not meant to be a comparison to the people practicing beside you. Classes often start with saying hi to your neighbor, and by the middle of class there's a sense of camaraderie with the people beside you. Laughter is common as is encouraging one another - reminding me constantly that it is okay to fall when trying a new pose and even better, to laugh about falling and move on. Even on days when just showing up feels like a victory to me, I still always leave feeling better. It's a great workout, with constant encouragement from Tiare to not take yourself too seriously, to prioritize enjoying your yoga practice, and to remember that we are all part of a community. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about her teaching style, so I'd encourage you to take her class yourself; it will definitely be worth it.“

Rozelle ZOLETA


“I have been taking Tiare’s yoga classes for a little over a month and I have really enjoyed the flow of her classes. She takes you through a series of complex poses and guides you through each pose clearly and thoroughly for a smooth creative flow. As a beginner yoga student, her classes are challenging yet easy to follow through her instructions. She encourages students to breathe deeply, stay focused and present through each pose, listening to your body. Her classes are both delicate and rigorous. She attends to everyone’s needs even in a group setting demonstrating modifications or adjustments to fit student’s individual levels. I definitely look forward to her classes every week.

Jeff Trudeau

I’ve been practicing yoga for 14 years and teaching now for 5 years.


I first took class from Tiare about 2 years ago. About half way through class, I remember thinking, “ This is Awesome!”, she became one of my favorite teachers That Day!

Her classes have a fun energy that makes you want to come back. She will provide you the opportunity to find your edge! Wether that’s with a sequence that will test your mobility and raise your heart rate, or providing opportunity for arm balancing, you are guaranteed to sweat! And have fun!

That said, Tiare always reminds her students to honor their body. To do “ your practice “ and honor yourself above anything else.

If you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you love yoga, taking class from Tiare Vincent is a can’t miss!”

David Martine

“Four words to describe Tiare's yoga class. Joyful, energized, transformation EXPERIENCE. I fell in love with yoga and can honestly say that in the last 14 months I have gone to class 7 days per week, 4 of those 7 days have been in her class. So I have taken about 240 of her classes.

Tiare is an exceptional beginner to advanced instructor. She is able to lead a multi-level class and provide everyone with an ideal experience that meets with their individual capability. She keeps her class informal while maintaining the intensity of each pose, position and moment. 


Tiare brings a unique, authentic and sincere enthusiasm and positive energy for each class. While there is a solid discipline and order to her classes they change a lot, I truthfully don't think I have ever had the same flow from her. Tiare's range as an instructor is profound, she infuses new and old positions and their order delivering something different and special each time.  It is extremely rare when I am in her class and feel flat, and this is mostly due to the energy and positivity she emits. There are still days when I go to her class and am exhausted and beat down and when I walk out l am ready to get back at it.

If you have the pleasure to take as many classes from Tiare as I have you would realize all of her students are rough stones and she is the sand paper and polishing cloth that smooths you out and shines you up. 

For those of you thinking about her class that are not at your ideal weight or health, let me drop some more math on you. In this 14 months I Iost just over 80 lbs, my primary exercise was yoga, and I took her classes 57% of the year, so I would need to credit her for helping me lose about 45 lbs. 

In conclusion, if you want a teacher who is fun, not tied to boring repitition, brings joy and happiness then Tiare is for you!”

Katherine Scott


“Tiare is a fast paced, high energy instructor. I have been coming to her classes for the past couple of years and love her style! She keeps the body busy so all you have time for is focusing on the postures and breath, instead of letting the mind wonder. I always feel rejuvenated at the end of her class!”

Soofin Lam


“Can’t recall since when I started taking Tiare Vincent’s Power Yoga class twice a week at Get Zen Bellevue studio.  One thing I do know is that I always look forward to coming to her class.  I love her teaching style because in each class as she guides us through her signature relaxing yoga flow, my mind quickly quiets down while every piece of my muscles starts to fire up.  Children learn better when playing and having fun.  Tiare’s class is just like that - pleasant and playful.  I enjoy that feeling of flowing through her ever changing yoga routines without realizing bit by bit how much I am learning and improving my muscle memories and strength with each class.  It has truly been a delight to have Tiare as one of my guides on this beautiful yoga journey!”

Melissa Hammons


“One of my favorite things about Tiare's teaching style is that she comes up with THE most creative, fun, and challenging vinyasa flows I've ever experienced! Every time I take her class I am amazed by how unique her sequences are, yet they're always different. I love her no-nonsense approach to teaching and I always leave her class with a big smile on my face. Even if I'm feeling down before I go in, I feel like I can take on the world after. She is super encouraging with all of her students, cheering us on and inspiring us to embrace life and let go of the stuff that doesn't matter. I also love that her classes bring us yogis closer together as a community, there's no shortage of high-5s and moral support when she's teaching! It creates some of the absolute best energy I've ever felt in a class. Her bright light radiates through her teaching and her positive energy is contagious! If you haven't taken a class with her yet, I highly recommend you do!”

Gwen wedenoja


“Tiare leads a dynamic vinyasa class, always switching it up so no two classes are the same. She comes up with creative sequences on the spot, with clever transitions between poses keeping you on your toes. Tiare's classes are not easy. She challenges you to remind you that life itself is challenging, encouraging you to just "show up" so that you may grow in your practice as well as internally to be your best self and not take shit too seriously. Her music is fun and upbeat and her words will inspire you to be the best version of yourself by not comparing yourself to others, being unapologetic of who you are, and clearing your head of any unnecessary crap you may be holding onto. Expect to leave class feeling lighter, and with a renewed sense of confidence and strength.”

Samita Eshgh


"I have been practicing yoga on and off for roughly five years and it wasn't until I took Tiare's power vinyasa class was then I began to fall in love with vinyasa flows all over again. Coming from a Bikram background, my understanding that yoga was structured and to be disciplined. It wasn't until I took Tiare's class that helped me understand that "it's just yoga." Tiare teaches to not give a care in the world and to be light. When you exert that not only into your practice but it follows suit into your life. Her transitions from one posture to the next to make it fun and exciting because not one class of hers is the same.

She helps builds friendships but a yoga family bond that makes you excited for her next class. If she's taught me anything is life's too short to hold a grudge or be angry.”

Charles Chavez


“My name is Charles Chavez. I was introduced into yoga over 15 years ago. Thru my yoga journey I have tried just about every limb of yoga. I have had the pleasure to experience most every studio in the greater Seattle area. I have experienced many teachers and many different types yoga classes. I have found a home at Get Zen and look forward to the very special environment Tiare Vincent provides for us on a consistent basis. Tiare brings a very Unique style that incorporates a fast pace traditional Vinyasa flow mixed with some really cool creative Asanas. She will wind you in and out of some fun sophisticated positions, that will challenge your balance and core without sacrificing a beautiful flow. You will find a mentally relaxing environment where you are introduced to your neighbor, breaking down the walls that we all sometime tend to put up around our mats. You will hear laughter and yogis having fun, yet she has complete control of the class. Tiare is able to bring the best out of each and every one of us. From the beginner to the seasoned practitioners, Tiare is a technical master that guides us thru our practice Kinesthetically and with her clear and percise vocal commands. She greets us each day with her ear to ear smile and knows us by name.

Tiare is the real deal. You will find her on a Mountain, on hike, on a running trail, or on a yoga mat. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this amazing teacher. She is a gift to our yoga community and a Get Zen Favorite.”

Stephanie Kamel


“There is no denying that Tiare has the fundamental skills of a great yoga teacher, (her classes are fast paced and challenging), but it is her attitude and community-centered approach that have kept me coming back to her classes for over a year. Tiare’s classes empower even yoga novices to try new things, to not take anything too seriously and to be light both on and off their mats. Her classes encourage light-heartedness, friendship and connection with your practice and your neighbors. Despite having packed out classes, Tiare makes an effort to learn about her students and she welcomes students by name with a warm and genuine greeting every time. 
During class, she acts as a cheerleader for every single one of her students, congratulating individual accomplishments and celebrating the vast and varied skill sets, abilities, and experiences in the room. It is not uncommon for her to shout out “beautiful!” or “holy moly!” when she sees someone trying something new or nailing a posture, which is so reinforcing and motivating. Regardless of skill level, her classes leave students feeling accomplished and strong. Her positive spirit and attitude are a great reminder that a yoga class should be considered a treat and a gift you give to yourself. She is truly a joy to be around and I look forward to her classes every week.”

Seany Hilbert


“I’ve been going to Tiare’s power class for over a year now and hands down her class is the best I’ve taken. Her approach to teaching yoga is both relaxing and fun. She doesn’t follow a prescribed of postures each time which keeps things fresh and new each time and keeps me coming to her class time and time again. The flow between movements feel fluid and connected. On occasions when she forgets a movement she did previously on one side, I love that she doesn’t take it to seriously and adjusts accordingly all with a smile and laughter. Her encouragement for the class to connect with the persons adjacent to either side, adds an element of togetherness. It’s nice to be part of a class where I feel supported by my neighbors and I there to support them. After each class I feeling enlightened and feeling part of a community as well as an amazing workout. Tiare is truly the best!”


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